....... was incorporated in mid 1999. The company is a result of the collaboration of directors, vehicle dynamicist Steffen Kosuch and Formula One car designer Chris Murphy. D.A.T.A.S. Ltd. was formed when the principle product, RaceSim vehicle simulation software was considered to be at a sufficiently mature stage of development to market and distribute to the motorsports industry. Following several iterations of vehicle simulation tools, the basis of the current version of RaceSim was initiated in 1996. Since this time, RaceSim has been the subject of constant development and in-field validation at the highest levels and in many categories of motorsport.
RaceSim users now include race and championship winning manufacturers and teams from:

  • F1

  • GP2

  • INDY

  • FR3.5


  • WEC/GT

  • DTM

  • F3

  • GP3

  • Touring Car

  • WRC series

D.A.T.A.S. Ltd is quite unique in the fact that the company is not only a developer, but also an end user of its own products. D.A.T.A.S. Engineers can be found working with international race teams and manufacturers at workshops and race tracks around the globe, using D.A.T.A.S. products to optimise race car performance just as any other development and race engineer would.
D.A.T.A.S. Ltd offers consultancy to back up the software products, can bespoke develop the already high level, commercially available products to suit a customers specific requirements, and is constantly developing simulation software and associated competition engineering software tools to respond to in-field feedback and market demands.


D.A.T.A.S. Ltd.(UK)
Thickthorn Hall
Norfork, NR9 3AT


D.A.T.A.S. Ltd.(DE)
Staufferweg 4
93179 Brennberg


tel:       +44 (0) 1603 506526
fax:      +44 (0) 1603 504907
mobile: +44 (0) 7802 770345
mailto:  info.UK@datas-ltd.com

tel:       +49 (0) 9484 951851
fax:      +49 (0) 9484 951852
mobile: +49 (0) 171 4534451
mailto:  Info.DE@datas-ltd.com

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